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Microsoft Excel


My query relates to comparing data between two separate table columns.

This is all in relation to sending out two mailing lists:
Mailing List 1 - Print
Maling List 2 - Email

Within these table lists the way the data is formatted is the same. For example, Full Name, Job Title, Company Name, Address 1, Address 2, Address 3, Post Code / Email address etc...

The data within both table lists is derived from the same source- our CRM database. Essentially we want to try and send out the two lists via print and email, ensuring that the same contacts are not targetted twice- removing duplication of contacts. Therefore, Bob Smith from Hypothetical Company Ltd is in either only the print mailing list or the emailing list- not both.

Would some type of VLook Up formula allow for this?

Thank you for your time,


RE: Microsoft Excel

Hi Thanh, thanks for your query. You could achieve this with VLOOKUPs, with a little work, but a simpler and more visual method would be to use some conditional formatting. There's a good walkthrough on this method here:

Hope this helps,


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