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Find/add sum, last week/month

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Find/add sum, last week/month

I have an existing workbook to which I wish to add a new function/front sheet. On this I want a running tally of received amounts (per currency) in the last 7 days + in the last 30 days, by updating today's date.

The existing sheet is set up alphabetically, per customer. Dares of incoming payments are random in order, amounts will be in either GBP or USD.

What do I best use here, for my purpose, please?

Current set-up:
Customer Date rcvd USD GBP
A 25/05/12 12.00 48.00
B 02/04/12 1,000.00 582.00
C 01/06/12 580.00 20,000.00

Thanks a lot,

RE: Find/add sum, last week/month

Hi Marianne, thanks for your query. It's a little difficult to advise you on which particular function you need to use for your situation, but it's definitely going to be one of the Date functions. There's a comprehensive walkthrough of them here:

Hope this helps,


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