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VBA Create chart

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VBA Create chart


i manage to create one chart with the following line:

.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("Sheet1").Range("B2:I76")

I want to create several graph with different data zone in the same CurrentRegion (So, I cannot basically use CurrentRegion), I tried
using variable and loop with:
Sub Creategraph()

Dim intColumnCount As Integer

Dim intRowCount As Integer

Dim intEndData As Integer

Dim aChart As Chart

For intRowCount = 1 To Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A1").CurrentRegion.Rows.Count

If Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(intRowCount, 1).Value = "Date / Time" Then

Set aChart = Charts.Add

intEndData = intRowCount + 72

With aChart

.ChartType = xlXYScatterSmooth

.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("Sheet1").Range(Cells(intRowCount, 2), Cells(intEndData, 9))

.HasTitle = True

.ChartTitle.Text = "Reactor 1"

End With

End If

Next intRowCount

End Sub

RE: VBA Create chart

Hi Pierre

Thanks for your question

It is difficult to advise you effectively without seeing the data. Could you recreate the layout of the chart data, and indicate the different ways in which you want it charted. If you create a simple spreadsheet and email it to

I will look into the problem today



RE: VBA Create chart

I have just sent an Email to you, thanks for resolving this. If you have any question reply to my Email.



Edited on Fri 8 Jul 2011, 09:04

RE: VBA Create chart

Hi Pierre

Thanks for the file

This is something of a puzzle, as the error seems to make no sense, in that it seems to successfully create the chart.

Can I suggest that you place at the very top of your procedure the line

On Error Resume Next

This will ignore the error message and will carry on running the code. I have done this on the file you sent me and the charts all seem to be created and populated. I need you to check to see if the results are accurate

This is not a solution as we need to find the reason for the error, but this will help narrow down the possibilities



RE: VBA Create chart


I don't know if you are still working on this but I managed to solve this issue by adding this line:

Set aChart = aChart.Location(Where:=xlLocationAsObject, Name:="Sheet1")

This is creating a chart in Sheet 1 and after I put this line to move it at the end :

.Location Where:=xlLocationAsNewSheet

Apparently that is solving the issue and I don't need anymore On Error Resume Next.




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