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Excel formula to calculate age from date of birth

To calculate your age based on your Date Of Birth, using an Excel formula, you would need to use the Today function.

The Today function returns the current date based on your system clock on your PC or Laptop. This function has no arguments.

There is also the DateDif function which gives you the difference between two dates as shown below:

=DATEDIF(F1,Today(),"Y") - Y stands for years - Cell F1 contains the Date Of Birth

Each Date starting from the 01/01/1900 has a serial number assigned to it so in this case 1. So really the two dates you are using, Excel will just subtract the higher number from the lower number leaving the number of days between the two.

The formula would be:


Cell A1 would contain your date of Birth in Date(/)format e.g. 16/02/1973. The answer returned will generally be in Date format so it would need to be converted to Number Format which will represent the number of days between those two dates.

Finally divide the number of days by 365.25 to be more accurate which will return the number of years.

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