La senza

Impactful Presentations For A Major Fashion Retailer

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La senza

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Company Profile

La Senza is a Canadian fashion retailer which sells lingerie and intimate apparel.

Business Requirement

Improve layout and design of Powerpoint Presentation material, communicate brand awareness via collages of imagery and discuss technologies which can contribute to heightening the impact of La Senza presentations. No digitial manipulation software such as Photoshop was used by delegates, so control of imagery needed to occur within Powerpoint.


An advanced Powerpoint course was delivered concentrating on the manipulation, compression, alignment and ordering of imagery within Powerpoint. A walk through of key skills such as Slide Master manipulation was delivered in tandem with general ongoing discussion of presentation styles, what made a good slide layout for La Senza. Multimedia options were highlighted and discussed, particularly the filming of catwalk shows and their insertion into Powerpoint slides, with attendent discussion of compression and codecs.


Improved appreciation of slide layout and the impact on communication and message delivery. Heightened awareness the importance of picture compression, management of multimedia elements and the advisability of positioning branding elements on the Slide Master.

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