Consulting: Optimising Data Analysis with Excel VBA

Case Study

Learning solution:


Company Profile

A major Formula 1 racing team

Business Requirement

Excel is used to analyse a range of technical data, most notably race telemetry. VBA was to be used to automate and optimize this process, particular requirements were to;

• Establish best practice for writing robust, efficient and maintainable code
• Use VBA to create clear and relevant analysis of key data


Two days of tailored training resulted in the following:

• One day developing basic skills in coding together with an understanding of best practices
• Introducing an object orientated approach to coding that simplified and improved the code used
• Introduction to accessing data from database files as well as Text and XML formats
• Producing sophisticated charts automatically


• A tailored approach that maximized the relevance of the material covered
• Using real data to demonstrate the benefits of the techniques covered

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