In the high tech advertising world where dazzling television commercials and slick websites rule there is still room for more traditional campaigns that will get your company noticed.

Microsoft (MS) Publisher 2007 is the ideal software for creating materials that can draw customers to your services. You may have already developed an internet portal that brings your business to the notice of web surfers but if you back this up with promotional flyers and leaflets you may boost trade even more. Professional companies deserve well-made, polished materials to reflect the ethics of their business.

MS Publisher allows you to choose, develop and create documents that you will be proud to distribute, whether they are destined for potential clients' letter boxes or inboxes. A large range of promotional materials can be produced thanks to the software, from business cards, to leaflets, flyers, brochures and greeting cards. You have a vast number of templates to choose from that can suit the manner in which you want to reach your customers.

For instance you may prefer to create some contemporary business cards in order to hand out to interested parties, or if wish to include more information concerning the services provided by your company you can use the Newsletter template, include in the application. An advantage of MS Publisher is that your unique corporate identity and branding can be reflected in the materials you produce. Colour, themes and icons that help you stand out from the competition are recreated using the many tools available through the software.

The templates can be customised in order to display relevant business information such as your address, phone number and brief description of your services. If you have yet to build up a corporate identity you can experiment with all the colours and fonts featured in the application until you find a theme that works with your business. Some 70 colours are provided with the software, with the opportunity to mix more if you desire via Pantone colours.

As you begin to create your brand identity you can benefit from MS Publisher's time-saving functions. For example after you have developed your perfect template that you wish to reproduce, you can save it in My Templates, where it is easily-accessible. Here you have the option to place your creations into categories, while also seeing a preview of the template, which may prove useful when attempting to locate files.

To further cut time involved in developing promotional materials, the Content Store function provides you with a location to keep all your favourite text and designs so when it comes to making more documents the important elements of your files are easy to find. As you lay down the essential elements of your adverts and flyers, you may want to give your documents the added X factor in order to make then as eye-catching as possible. If this is the case, the Publisher Tasks button can direct you to a series of hints and tips that can make your advertising materials a success.

This function provides a wealth of information that can guide you through the tricky process of settling on an image and writing text for your documents. However, Publisher Tasks can help you find the best way to present your company in word-form, while also offering advice on how to incorporate images into your files. This can ensure that your traditional paper-based advertising campaigns are as professional as your company.