As you begin to delve into the many applications that make up software products, you'll start to find that you have a lot of questions that need answering and finding support for your learning is imperative so you can use the programmes to their optimum.

Having some knowledge of software probably won't put you at a distinct advantage when it comes to getting a job where these kinds of products will be used. Likewise, if you've already taken up a role where you'll be putting together databases or PowerPoint presentations, a bit of experience may not see you finishing these tasks quickly. In order to get the most out of software products you can book sessions with a training provider that will guide you through applications.

The many faces of Microsoft Office

Whether you're keen to get ahead in the workplace, secure a new job or just expand your knowledge of computer software to use in your own home, there is likely to be a Microsoft Office suite that will suit your needs very well. Each of the products created by the firm has been carefully adapted so they include applications that fit the buyer's lifestyle. Before you go ahead and buy these programmes, it's recommended that you think about the kind of software you need but also the type that will benefit you in the future.

If you have little knowledge of products at the moment you could be tempted to pick a more simplistic package that offers fewer applications. The problem with this is as your knowledge grows your confidence will increase and you may regret buying a suite that doesn't offer all the software that will benefit your firm.

Getting to grips with products

There are several different ways that you can explore your new purchases. Users of the Home and Business suite for example might begin by creating spreadsheets of domestic and work-based expenses or drafting Word documents. On the other hand, Office Professional Plus buyers may jump straight in and link up with the SharePoint Workspace to access important business information.

Whichever way you intend to use the suite or applications you've purchased, at some point it's likely that you'll experience stumbling blocks. This is natural as each incarnation of Office products features software with additional functions that may see you getting confused. In order to learn how to use applications you could take the home-study route and buy books on relevant topics.

These publications aim to resolve difficulties you could encounter but sometimes it's difficult to put the advice into context, meaning you may become even more confused. If you're learning about products in a workplace you have the option to take a similar route backed up by you colleague's input when you encounter issues. The problem with this, is that your fellow workers may not be available when you need them, or they simply might not know how to resolve issues, or worse, give incorrect advice.

Because of these drawbacks, you're free to approach a specialised training company that offers practical tutorials on aspects of the relevant software. These can be tailored to your needs and boost your confidence.

Continued support

An important consideration when choosing a learning path, is to think about the support you will need as you begin to experiment further with the purchased products. Books featuring hints and advice are constantly available but don't necessary provide the enlightenment that you need.

When they are available, colleagues are often a good source of input if you're having trouble with a particular application. Depending on the training provider you choose, you may also find that they offer support beyond tutorials via trainers who are experts on the topics concerned.