No longer are you required to spend hours at a time sitting at your desk reviewing and altering Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, thanks to mobile technology.

These kinds of files are found in homes and offices across the globe as they are a great location to store data and make calculations. Now it's possible to view them while you are on the move, meaning there is more flexibility when it comes to adding/editing data.

The scope of Excel

For many tasks involving figures, you could find yourself reaching for software that allows you to generate spreadsheets. Excel features a range of functions and it's up to you how many you choose to use. One of the reasons why the application is so popular is down to its versatility. The programme is normally associated with business environments, for good reason, but it is also used in many different types of location.

Figures generally need compiling, organising and analysis to put them into context and make them understandable. This is why spreadsheets are a prime location for businesses to store information regarding sales and associated income. As data builds up over trading periods business managers can keep track of ingoings and outgoings.

It's also necessary to store this kind of data for tax purposes, so you know how much to pay when the time comes. Another useful aspect of the spreadsheets is that you're able to make calculations and spot trends, which may help you to further make sense of the figures.

Because of their usefulness, many users of the application have welcomed it into their domestic lives and use it to keep track of household expenses and costs of leisure pursuits. For example, the software features templates that are ready to go and allow you to input figures regarding budgets for University courses and weddings.

Working on the move

Despite Excel files being able to hold extremely large amounts of information, you do not need to be sat at the desk of a powerful computer to access and edit them. It's increasingly important that mobile/remote workers are able to examine files from places other than their office. Businesses are doing all they can to leave the recession behind and raise their profile in the busy marketplace and staff who spend time out of their offices need to know they can examine figures while they travel to, or take part in meetings.

It creates a far better impression to show potential customers practically-live sales figures rather than those generated weeks ago, for example. If the information you have inputted into Excel spreadsheets is of a more personal nature, such as a wedding budget, then it's useful to access this data while you tackling nuptial-related tasks. Thanks to Office Web Apps and Microsoft Excel Mobile, you can do exactly that.

Joining the online community

If there is more than one person responsible for maintain and updating Excel spreadsheets then you'll especially benefit from the features offered via this programme. As well as being able to view files while on the move, you're also free to collaborate with others. This is probably more applicable and utilised when it comes to work-related files that need input from several people.

The big advantage is that the mobile features and collaborative tools link up so colleagues are able to alter and edit worksheets from multiple locations. Excel Web App allows you to view files from several types of internet browser, while SharePoint Server gives you yet another platform to share responsibility of changing/editing spreadsheets.