Last year, global mobile phone sales increased in the three months to the end of September by 43% to 417 million. Sales of smartphones alone went up by a staggering 96%, and now account for 19.3% of all phone sales. Demand for smartphones has soared and more than a quarter of Britons (13.5 million) have a smartphone. In 2009 there were 69.7 million mobile phones in the UK; and by 2010 this had risen to 71.2 million. Obviously there are more mobiles than people because some people have two phones. If you have a Windows phone and run Windows Mobile 6.5 it's definitely time to look at upgrading to Office Mobile 2010.

Office Mobile 2010 comes with a mobile version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and SharePoint Workspace and promised to extend your connection with Office 2010 wherever you might be. You can now carry out lightweight editing on your Office documents and, stay connected to your calendar and emails. And you can work seamlessly with Office documents stored on your phone, via email attachment, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, or download files from another shared location, such as Windows Live. So what are you waiting for? Another new smartphone? Let's take a look at what else Office Mobile 2010 can do for you.

For Word 2010 users, Word Mobile enables you to view and edit documents created in Microsoft Word 2010, Office Word 2007, Office Word 2003, and earlier versions of Word. If you receive a Word document as an email attachment, a single tap opens it in Word Mobile 2010. For those who have a newer Windows phone with WVGA resolution (800 x 480), simply tap View, then Zoom, then 50%. Word 2010 Mobile allows you to easily edit, format and use the Find and Replace functions in Word, too. You can also email your document by tapping Menu, selecting File, then Send via E-mail.

Excel users will be happy to hear that you can fit a large number of cells on the screen: 26 rows and 6 columns on an HTC HD2. More than 100 functions are supported, so you can add and edit many common formulas. It's even possible to maximise the view of your data in Excel Mobile 2010 with full-screen view and there's a host of options to allow you to work with some data on the screen while you display other data. The toolbar allows one-touch access to the charting tool, cell alignment, the sum tool, and cell formatting. Other functions include find and replace, sorting, auto filtering, the ability to go to a specific cell, and selecting cells. Column, bar, line, pie, XY (scatter), and area chart types are also all supported. And a variety of cell formatting options are included, such as font selection and size choices, along with cell border and colour options.

PowerPoint Mobile 2010 ensures that editing text on your slides is simple, as well as other options such as going directly to a specific slide and moving slides. It's easy to add presentation notes on individual slides, or view them if you already added notes in the desktop version of PowerPoint 2010. The email connection ensures that a quick tap and your PowerPoint is on its way, emailed to a nearby device over Bluetooth. PowerPoint Mobile 2010 also supports Presentation Companion 1.0, which enables you to use your Windows phone as a Bluetooth-based remote control for your laptop computer.

For users of OneNote, the Mobile 2010 version supports the basic functions you need to create and edit your OneNote documents directly on your Windows phone. You can insert images stored on your phone, take new pictures, and embed them into a OneNote document. OneNote Mobile 2010 also supports basic text-formatting options, including bulleted and numbered lists.

SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010 software means that it's easy to browse document libraries on your Windows phone. When you're finished editing, you can synchronise the documents with the SharePoint to allow other users immediate access to your updates. And you can even browse a document as though it was a webpage so that you don't have to wait for the full version to be downloaded to your Windows phone.

If you're keen to keep on track, the easiest way to get Office Mobile 2010 is to install Windows phone Marketplace by going to -- Simply type 'office' in the Windows phone Marketplace Search box. Office Mobile 2010 will appear near the top in the list of search results. Tap the listing, and then tap the large green Install button at the top of the screen. It will take a short whole to download and install, and when complete, select the Start menu and look at the lower section - you will see a new icon called Office Mobile 2010. Select it, and you'll see Word Mobile 2010, Excel Mobile 2010, PowerPoint Mobile 2010, OneNote Mobile 2010, and SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010.