Whatever line of business you are in, having well trained employees is vital to the success of that business. In the modern working environment most employees can't get through a working week without using a computer and the majority of them will use the Microsoft Office suite of applications. Providing training to ensure your workforce's computer skills and knowledge of the current software version is up to date can provide you with huge benefits in terms of staff motivation and efficiency, and hence company profits.

Why train?
There are many ways in which your company will benefit from providing employees with Microsoft Office training. You can provide new recruits with the right skills, fill in gaps in existing employee's knowledge, and help prepare more established employees for promotion by providing them with the skills to be able to deal with their new responsibilities. Training can be used to address skills shortages and provide training on software upgrades and ensure standard levels of competency within your workforce.

Training needs
Exactly what training is required can be difficult to determine. Employing a training company in a consultancy role can help you with this. The training company can plan, organise and deliver a training programme tailored to your needs. They can carry out a training needs analysis and then design and organise the training based on this, taking the training right through to delivery and post course assessment.

You may want to look at designing personal development programmes that will help motivate your team. Undertaking a Microsoft Office training programme can be used as the first step to aiding your workforce in attaining recognised qualifications such as Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification. This is an internationally recognised standard that demonstrates the holder's proficiency in the use of the Microsoft Office suite of applications. Achieving such a qualification increases productivity and competency amongst staff as well as improving staff moral and giving staff greater confidence in their abilities.

On-site training
You can arrange to have the training programmes delivered at your workplace, thereby minimising travel time and costs. On-site courses can be organised to start at any time and be of any length and all the equipment needed can be provided by the training company. By setting the training in the employee's home environment you can create a non-competitive atmosphere where employees do not feel as though they are being tested but rather that they are being given an opportunity to learn and develop. Following the training employees can have the chance to test the skills they have learned with trainers providing employee support through floorwalking, helping employees feel more relaxed about their training and making sure they get the full benefit from it.

Training courses
If you instead choose to send employees to training centres you should make sure that the centre is certified so that you can rest assured that the centres will be fully equipped and the instructors well qualified. Leading Microsoft training companies in the UK offer daily public schedule courses for the most popular programmes in the Microsoft Office suite such as Excel, meaning there is plenty of opportunity for employees to attend a training course at a time and location that is convenient for both you and them.

Making sure the training experience is enjoyable is invaluable as following the training employees return to their work feeling keen, enthused and highly motivated. By providing such training you will improve employee's multi tasking capabilities and give them the skills to be able to improve their performance and efficiency, which ultimately results in higher profits for the business.