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RepliesTitlePosted byDate
1Automatically sending excel files through outlookAman10 Nov 2006
2Update data from WebLouis14 Nov 2006
3Auto Insert Date into a CellAlex15 Nov 2006
1LoopLiz18 Nov 2006
1Protecting VBA codeAnton18 Nov 2006
1Loop or FindLiz22 Nov 2006
1Excel Automatically to Format spreadsheet to e mailJohn24 Nov 2006
1DuplicatesDavid24 Nov 2006
1VBA ErrorsMichael30 Nov 2006
1How to Clear Excel ClipBoardSejal30 Nov 2006
3VBA ExcelSimon30 Nov 2006
1Table MacroJohn4 Dec 2006
1Macro CheatsheetFergie4 Dec 2006
1Saved worksheet - Macro IssueAlex6 Dec 2006
1Is there a way to speed up macrosPriya7 Dec 2006
1Macros - Enabling them to work across multiple workbooksAlex12 Dec 2006
2Perform deletions on Start upJulian14 Dec 2006
1Importing filesSunny15 Dec 2006
2Selecting a single column in the current regionAlex19 Dec 2006
2Excel, Access, VBARobert20 Dec 2006
1Setting all variables to zeroPeter12 Jan 2007
1Opening a word doc from excel using %USERPROFILE%Julian16 Jan 2007
1Vlookup, updating dataGunaratnam18 Jan 2007
1Pivot tableMichelle18 Jan 2007
1How do I do loops?Oliver18 Jan 2007
1Import multiple worksheetsJeffrey18 Jan 2007
1How do i create a chart?James18 Jan 2007
1VBANick18 Jan 2007
1Variable, VariantDavid18 Jan 2007
1Create a contents pageDavid18 Jan 2007
1Perform a macro whenever the Sheet is updatedJulian18 Jan 2007
1Graphics in VBANicola19 Jan 2007
2Coding Excel VBA from within AccessArthur19 Jan 2007
1Referencing Worksheets in a formula using R1C1Martin21 Jan 2007
1Coding Best PracticesGeorgios23 Jan 2007
1Counters in excelRicci24 Jan 2007
1Command Buttons that don;t show when printedPeter31 Jan 2007
1IF loopJane1 Feb 2007
1Select case loopJennifer1 Feb 2007
1Errors in VBAKerry15 Feb 2007
1Message BoxAndrew15 Feb 2007
1Seperating text strings from one to two columnsClaire15 Feb 2007
1Email worksheet message bodySteven21 Feb 2007
1Extracting information from text files into excel with vbaMarie22 Feb 2007
1Flickering screenNataliya22 Feb 2007
1Range ObjectKurt22 Feb 2007
1'Intelligent' navigation around worksheetsMatt22 Feb 2007
1List of variablesMarie23 Feb 2007
3Input box for selecting a worksheetSimon27 Feb 2007
1Select caseNicola8 Mar 2007

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