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Run Time Error - Object Defined error

resolvedResolved · Medium Priority · Version 2016

Run Time Error - Object Defined error

I am running this advanced filter code and I'm now getting a run time error, it used to work before, I had around 50 row, I have now added more rows 6000 in total.

.Range("i15:HV" & LastResultsRow3 + 9).Value = Sheet2.Range("AJI4:ARV" & LastResultsRow3).Value

any ideas? or how I can get around it?


RE: Run Time Error - Object Defined error


First thing to check with Advanced Filter is that you're not including any empty rows in the filter criteria. If you are then it interprets that as part of the filter and you end up with all the data.

Can you check you've got the right cell range?

If there's still a problem we can dig a bit deeper.


Mon 30 Mar 2020: Automatically marked as resolved.


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