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Turn images/a slide into black and white

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Turn images/a slide into black and white

ive managed to insert a photo (from a snip on a website) into a shape and use the mask tool to sit the image perfectly into the shape (a circle). I now want the whole image to be in black and white, how do i do this. currently its a colour image? THANK YOU!

RE: Turn images/a slide into black and white

Hi Layl

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Our keynote trainer is in training today and will be able to assist you with your query tomorrow

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Wendy Canelas
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RE: Turn images/a slide into black and white

Hi Layla,

Thank you for contacting us via the forum.

To do what you have asked you’ll have to modify the image prior to inserting it into the shape, as you can currently change the saturation of the image on keynote if you are inserting an image but not into a shape.

To get around this you can use the Preview App by doing the following;

1. Make a copy of the color photo you wish to edit.
2. Open the copy of the color image you want to convert to black and white into Preview App (should be the default image viewer for OS X, if not it’s always in /Applications).
3. Pull down the “Tools” menu and choose “Adjust Color” to bring up the adjustment tool panel.
4. Slide “Saturation” all the way to the left to remove all color from the image and turn it into black and white.
5. When satisfied with the results, save as usual.

Please feel free to contact us again if you have any other questions or queries.

Kind regards,
Marwan ‘Max’ SHAMSAN
STL Senior Training Consultant

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