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The Excel Countif function counts only those items in a range that match criteria you set.

For example, suppose a group of children choose between one of 3 destinations Paris, Florida or New York and enter their choice of destination next to their name in an Excel spreadsheets.

Name Destination
Peter Paris
Sue NY
John Paris
Wendy Florida
Richard Paris
Roger NY

The Countif formula can be used to count how many have opted for Paris

returns the result 3

returns the result 2 for those choosing NY.

Note the word Paris is in quotes because it is text.

There are several other related count functions in Excel:

Counts the total number of numeric non blank entries

Counts the total number of non blank enries (numeric and text entries)

Counts the number of blank entries

=Countifs (version Excel 2007)
Counts those items in a range that match multiple criteria you set.

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