SharePoint 2010 End User Training

Case Study

Learning solution:
SharePoint (User)


Company Profile

The client is a Housing organisation based in Norwich and London providing housing and support services to the general public.

Business Requirement

A transformation team has been setup to investigate SharePoint features and how it can be used within their organisation. Initially the SharePoint access will be restricted to a pilot group of users.


A one day SharePoint 2010 end user training course was delivered to 7 delegates. The delegate roles included IT analysts and support, IT training, customer insight and engagement management and project coordinators.

This training focussed on the main features of SharePoint 2010 and allowed users to discover the potential of using SharePoint 2010.


• Enabled scoping and ideas of how to implement and configure SharePoint 2010 going forward

• Enabled the transformation team to assess training needs for other end users

• Highlighted further training requirements

• Created buy in and enthusiasm from other end users.

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