Bespoke PowerPoint 2007 Training

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Learning solution:

Media/PR/Advertising/Market research

Company Profile

Communique is a Live Communications agency delivering end to end solutions in a number of scenarios: conferences, exhibitions, road shows, product launches.

Business Requirement

Communique Live use MS PowerPoint to create client presentations and pitches. The upgrade to MS Office 2007 identified several needs:

- Refresh skills to bring team up to date with latest features
- Best practice on making the most of new features whilst remaining compatible with clients using earlier versions of the software
- Enable a team of Super-Users whose role is to help clients and colleagues working with MS PowerPoint


Following a company-wide survey we designed a bespoke training event for Communique, built around Event Management examples that included:

- General skills refresher to bring everyone to the same starting point
- Creating customised presentations that work across MS PowerPoint versions
- Branding, graphics, animation
- Advanced templates and slide masters
- Best practices on creating and editing presentations


By creating industry relevant training material the group was able to cover material quickly and to a more advanced level.

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