An organization that uses Access without understanding Visual Basic is not taking advantage of all the features of the software. VB is learned most effectively at the hands of a certified and experienced instructor, but there are countless Access courses out there. Which is the best one for your business? The best way to find a good VB course is to first find a good VB for Access trainer.

Good Trainers Mean Good Courses

Too many training managers focus on the course material and pay no attention to the person teaching it. While it is important to find a course appropriate to the level and function of the students taking it, the qualifications of the instructor are more important than the course itself.

Even the best course can be ruined by a bad instructor. Someone who doesn't really understand the material, has a deadpan delivery that puts the class to sleep, or who has a hostile attitude toward delegate questions can render a good Visual Basic course useless. The delegates learn little, and the training money is wasted.

On the other hand, an experienced and talented VB for Access trainer can overcome even a poorly designed program. By drawing on personal experience, a good instructor can fill in the holes and transform the course into a useful educational tool. Courses are often designed by people other than the teacher but that shouldn't limit the trainer's ability to enhance the material that is there.

Obviously the best choice is a great VB for Access trainer teaching a well-designed course, and employers can find that by using well established training companies that employ certified instructors.

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Instructor?

By speaking with the VB for Access trainer, the training manager can often get a feel for the person's instructional ability. In addition to interviewing for qualifications, it is important to listen to how the instructor communicates. How well does this person listen to your questions and how complete are the answers?

How open is the instructor to modifying the course? Your business has unique needs from a Visual Basic course and the instructor should be willing to adjust the content to emphasize that aspects of VB programming in Access that are directly relevant to your operations.

Without question, Access courses should be taken only from Microsoft qualified trainers. Microsoft certification demonstrates both experience with VB in Access and with instruction techniques. Knowledge of the subject and the ability to teach are the two critical characteristics of a good instructor.

Ask about the instructor's experience with the software. A VB for Access trainer who has never written macros outside of a classroom environment will have difficulty addressing student questions that fall outside of the prepared material.

Don't be afraid to quiz the instructor pretty hard. You want only the best trainer your money can buy.