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Mott MacDonald, Data Engineer:

"The 2-day Power BI course I attended was the best software training event I have attended. - The trainer, Jens, was obviously hugely passionate and knowledgeable about the software. ... Lunch at the local Italian restaurant in Bloomsbury was very nice too, lots of comments the portions were BIG....

The course also provided a huge reference manual for my future use and a support forum for 2 years which I anticipate will come in very useful as I already have a list of new questions to ask since completing the course.


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Business Intelligence

  • Power BI Explained

    This is a half day non-technical, user-friendly Power BI overview, that through demonstration gives you a sound understanding of what Power BI is. Ideal starting point for everyone considering using Power BI.

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  • Power BI Reporting

    This one day introduction course is ideal for those looking to gain a firm understanding of how to produce and publish powerful visual reports by using the Power BI desktop.

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  • Power BI Modelling, Visualisation and Publishing

    In this 2 day course: Learn to use Power BI Desktop to create queries, data connections, and reports. Learn to integrate proven Microsoft technologies, data modelling, and visualisations. Share connections, models and reports in accessible ways for users, interacting on all kinds of devices.

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  • Power BI DAX

    This one day course is ideal for experienced users of Power BI who wish to optimise the speed and efficiency of Power BI through the use of DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) formula language.

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  • Introduction to PowerApps for Power Users

    This course is suitable for users who need to learn how to build data-driven apps in the Microsoft 365 environment. Also useful for organisations that need to convert from InfoPath to PowerApps because they are migrating to Microsoft 365.

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Our team provides hands-on, context-rich practical work-shops. They draw upon their considerable real world experience to deliver learning that is valuable and relevant with immediate impact/ROI.

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97,239 testimonials available

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Sophia Mitchell,
Acute Management Accountant

This course was really useful, the trainer was very knowledgeable and was able to highlight how Power BI was different to Excel.



Melissa Rahman,
Fashion Inventory Coordinator

This was my first foray into PBI and Grant was incredibly articulate and helpful- explained in detail and ensured all participated. I am grateful for his time and level of excellence. I am now more aware of PBI and look forward to taking my reports and presentations to a more visual connection with an audience. Absolute pleasure... Thank you.



Marijke Rohlfs,
BEX Analyst

Excellent trainer with broad knowledge and teaching skills. Only drawback was the projector which was at times a bit blurry and it was difficult to follow the formulas

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Jon Hill,
Senior Research Manager

It was difficult for us as we crammed a 2 day course into 1 day, however overall the course was excellent and the trainer was very knowledgeable

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Nadine Bailey,
Family Research Manager

The trainer was extremely knowledgeable, patient and accommodated all levels of experience within the session. I particularly liked the step by step work through of a premade topic. Often trainers think they will provide more value by going through a tangent question but the lack of structure then let's them down.



Shikha Manikkam,
HR Specialist

Very interesting and learnt a lot


star star star star star Excellent

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What is Power BI?

Learn more about Power BI

Power BI is a business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organization, or embed them in your app or website.

Connect to hundreds of data sources and bring your data to life with live dashboards and reports.


Want to know what Power BI is?

As a Power BI training provider (we deliver Power BI training London and across the UK as well as abroad) we get asked frequently what Power BI is all about, whilst we can help with a Power BI training course, we also thought a quick guide would help, just part of our ever growing Microsoft Power BI training resources.

PowerBI_Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics solution from Microsoft

Help_visualise It helps businesses visualise their data and share insights

real_time For example, it can be used to calculate your return on investment, monthly sales and marketing engagement

Hundreds_data The visualised insights can be embedded into apps and websites for ease of access

visualised It supports hundreds of data sources such as existing online services or other Microsoft apps

BI_calculate The software updates in real-time, providing live reports and information that can be viewed instantly without any wait times



Access Data Wherever You Are

PowerBI_cloudPower BI is a cloud solution that can be accessed anywhere

Apps_builtWhether it’s through Power BI apps built by Microsoft or Power BI desktop, many different tools can be used to access your data

BI_speedThe powerful cloud-based environment means that speed is not an issue when accessing or analysing large sets of data


power bi training

Powerful Collaborative Tools

power_fulPower BI enables powerful collaborative processes to help your team work more effectively

BI_publishThe reports can be published and shared with the rest of your team

BI_insightsInsights can even be shared outside of your organisation to investors and remote employees



Seamless Integration With Existing Software

PowerBI_excelPower BI integrates directly into other Microsoft programs such as Microsoft Excel

interactive_visualsThe interactive visuals can be embedded into websites and existing apps that you might be using in your business

BI_dashboardsConsultants can easily access your Power BI dashboards and data and customise them for your needs



Power BI is Simple to Use

BI_agilePower BI is an agile solution that doesn't require a lot of training or technical support to grasp the fundamentals

BI_intuitiveIt has an intuitive interface and easy-to-understand graphical designer tools to help you visualise information the way you want to

BI_data_setsIt can transform large sets of data into rich visuals that can help you understand your business data


Training manual sample

Below are some extracts from our Power BI manuals.


Power BI is a powerful suite of business analytics tools that offer data visualization and insights. By connecting to various data sources, simplifying data preparation, and generating visually appealing reports, Power BI enables businesses to make better-informed decisions. Here's why leveraging data visualization with Power BI can benefit your business:

**Data Visualization**

Data visualization, including infographics, combines text and visualized data to present information in a visually engaging and effective manner. Infographics are proven to improve engagement and aid memory retention. As visual creatures, we process visual content much faster than text, making it more likely to be retained and understood.

**Import from Almost Any Data Source**

Power BI stands out among data visualization products due to its integration capabilities. It seamlessly integrates with various external data sources, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, SharePoint, and many others. Its Open Database Connectivity function enables easy access to data from different online software service providers.

**A Brand New Visualization Engine**

Power BI boasts a state-of-the-art visualization engine. It features a new D3-based, HTML5 compliant engine that delivers stunning visualizations. Users can drill down into charts, explore different breakdowns, and even create complex moving visuals in 3D. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly.

**Open Source and Custom Visualizations**

Power BI offers a vast range of visualization techniques and options. It also provides the ability for developers to create and share their own custom visualizations, leading to an ever-expanding library of open-source visualizations. This fosters innovation and flexibility in presenting data.

**Power BI Mobile Apps**

Power BI recognizes the importance of mobile accessibility and has developed mobile apps for Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices. These apps provide a seamless and convenient way to access and interact with Power BI dashboards and reports on the go.

**Integration with Excel and PowerPoint**

Power BI integrates with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, which are widely used tools for data analysis and presentations. While PowerPoint compatibility is still limited, integration with Excel is robust and seamless. As Power BI continues to evolve, further integration with Microsoft's core applications can be expected.


Power BI training can greatly benefit businesses by leveraging its robust analysis and reporting tools. By utilizing data visualization, businesses can effectively communicate insights and make informed decisions. Power BI's ability to import data from various sources, its cutting-edge visualization engine, and its support for open source and custom visualizations provide flexibility and innovation in presenting data. Additionally, Power BI's mobile apps and integration with Excel and PowerPoint enhance accessibility and streamline workflows. By harnessing the power of Power BI, businesses can gain a competitive edge by making data-driven decisions and improving overall performance.

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