formula compare two colums

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Formula to compare two colums

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Formula to compare two colums

I need to ensure that a person only attends a location once.

Can you advise on a formula which can check two columns of data,one with a unique code and the other with the location - That would identity if any duplicate area have been assigned to a person.

Person Location
A58 Tyrone
A58 Fermanagh
A66 Fermanagh
A66 Fermanagh

Eg A58 is fine as they are at different locations
A66 is a false return as the two locations are the same.

There are about 900 people to be checked and over 1000 different locations, each person could have between 1 -5 locations.

Any help would be appreciated.

RE: Formula to compare two colums

Hi Julie,

Thank you for the forum question.

You can use a COUNTIFS function.

Add a new column. If you have the unique code in the range A2:A200 and the location in the range B2:B200 and want the to find duplicates in column C the function should look like this:


Copy the function down and if the function return 1 the record is unique otherwise it will display how many duplicates of the record you have.

Kind regards

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