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Table Level Triggers

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Fri 31 May 2019, 17:14 replyReply Delegate Manny said...

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Table Level Triggers

Hi Guys,

Is there anyway to set up a table level trigger event?

i am building a huge bank account reconciliation. This is what i envisage:

- I will pick up all the cash transactions files and load them all into a master table.
- This will essentially "stamp", all the transactions with an autonumber. (tbl_masterTrans)
- After this has happened, i want this to be loaded into varaious other tables. eg. all ledgers go into a ledger table etc (like my other post, which now works fine)

Once these transactions have been moved into the various tables, i want to be able delete all the data in the master (tbl_masterTrans) - this would esentially be a wash table, to only stamp with an autonumber and then funnel the data into the various tables. It may not be best practise, but i believe this will organise the data very cleanly, and is the only way to have a unique ID for all the transactions. I am unable to set a primary key otherwise because legitimately, we could see 2 cash postings with the exact same ecomic parameters.

Therefore my main question is can i run a table event after inserting - without using the macro tools (i know i can use this). I would like to be able to do so using VBA. may sub ontableinsert event?


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Fri 31 May 2019, 21:10 replyReply Trainer Jens said...

RE: Table Level Triggers

Hi Manny,

Thank you for the forum question.

I understand what you want, but I am afraid that there is no easy solution or may be no solution at all.

Events are triggered in private modules and only forms have private modules in Access. The table macro events are stored somewhere but I do not know where.

You can create events in a class modules and without having any experience creating class modules events and triggers, I cannot tell you if you can do it.

I am using class modules to develop my own objects with properties and methods.

Kind regards

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