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Page layout of word

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Thu 15 Dec 2011, 09:58 replyReply Delegate Angela said...

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Page layout of word

I have a 2 paged document and would like the first page to be in portrait, the second to be in landscape. Please could you assist?

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Wed 21 Dec 2011, 09:58 replyReply Trainer Andrew said...

RE: page layout of word

Hi Angela

Thank you for your question.

Click at the end of the text that will conclude page 1.

From the same Page Layout ribbon, click the small arrow in the lower right corner of the Page Setup group. This will open Page Setup.

On the Margins tab choose Landscape orientation

At the bottom of the page set the "Apply to" drop down to show "From this point forward" and choose OK

Word will insert a next page section break and change the orientation of your document to Landscape from that point.

Repeat the process later in your document, choosing Portrait orientation to set back to a portrait layout.

I hope this helps - do let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,


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