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Index matching betwwen work books

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Thu 22 Aug 2019, 16:36 replyReply Delegate EMMY said...

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Index matching betwwen work books

Modifying a work book from a colleague and not interfering with the contents

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Thu 22 Aug 2019, 17:12 replyReply Trainer Jens said...

RE: Index matching betwwen work books

Hi Emmy,

Thank you for the forum question.

I am no sure I fully understand your question.

Index and Match functions can lookup data from another workbook. It will not interfere with the content in the source workbook.

If you want to learn how to use lookup function to get data from some ones workbook, I found a video on Youtube which can be a help.

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The appearance of any new Excel files or any new worksheets that are inserted into a file are controlled by two template files, Book.xlt and Sheet.xlt.

By opening, modifying and saving these templates you can change the default settings for all new files and/or all newly inserted sheets.

Use Book.xlt to make change to defaults for new workbooks; and Sheet.xlt to change defaults for sheets.

If you can't find either of these files on your computer, you can create and save them yourself.

You can do this simply by creating a new workbook with the setting you want to use as your defaults; then saving them with the appropriate name in the XLStart folder. If you are using Office 2003, this is usually found in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\XLStart.

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