When it comes to PR and marketing, many companies opt for costly radio, television or advertising space. However this has its drawbacks as there are those who do not listen to the radio or choose to make a cuppa during ad breaks, but how many people check their e-mails? Just about every single head in the country. It is surprising how many companies fail to channel into the most cost effective and simple marketing method tool of all which is e-mail marketing.

The trick with advertising online is to grab the reader's attention as quickly as possible with information which will make them want to read on. This is where your opening headlines need to stand out. Therefore, a company newsletter should not be filled with useless boring information about its profit sharing scheme or a history of its beginnings.

Presentation is paramount
After you have caught your readers' attention, you need to keep it, so make the rest of your text look equally appealing by writing small, neat paragraphs. Don't forget to include some striking photographs because a picture really does speak a thousand words. No-one is drawn to large blocks of text, so once you have dangled the bait, you need to reel your clients in. However, don't go crazy and flood them with your enthusiasm. Modesty is important, so be sparing with the frequency of your campaign. An absorbing newsletter once a month should suffice and doesn't have to cost you a penny!

Your writing style - the 'less is more' approach
Keep your writing style simple, casual and flowing. Avoid using complex technical terms and replace them with easy to understand alternatives, unless, of course you are writing for professionals or within a service industry. Remember, you are not writing an essay so in some cases you could just send out a sales announcement or an exciting news feature.

If you have gone to the trouble of setting up a website, you have demonstrated that you have passion and a strong belief in your products or service. Inculcate that passion into your writing. Use the seasons, occasions or even the latest world news as a way of introducing some interesting facts. Write down verbs which draw you in such as 'inviting' 'alluring' 'seductive' and soon your flow of words will become a powerful tool which will allow you to personally communicate with your clients across the globe.

Why not look at things from a 'How to...' angle or look at the 'Top 10...' Simple writing techniques and styles such as these often yield the most positive results. If you are still stuck for inspiration, sign up to newsletters which promote a service or product similar to yours. Eyeing up the competition is a sure way to get the creative juices flowing.

Stay out of the junk folder
Treat your newsletter like a business card and use any opportunity you can to make it arrive in people's inbox, opened and appreciated. Add a couple of lines asking your readers to add you to their 'Safe Sender List' and avoid using capital letters and spammy words such as "buy now", "for free", "click here" or "money back guarantee" all of which will send your email to the junk folder.

Create links to a subscribers page via your website, blogs and social networking and ensure that all subscribers have opted-in. Don't be disheartened if you are not inundated with sales after you flood your clients with your latest batch of monthly news. Very often people ponder, but with a determined attitude and some persuasive information, that elusive 'Buy' button will soon be put to good use.

A personal touch
Ensure that every individual is addressed by their Christian name. This way you build up an instant rapport with your subscribers as an introduction that says "Hi Jane" is more likely to be read than a "Hi there". You want to come across as an old friend talking about the latest events which are going on in your life. Pull the readers in by telling them about any good news which may be on the horizon and how it will benefit them. If you are excited about the launch of some new lines, add some subtle links but keep it subtle.

Read all about it
Catalogues, direct mail and brochures are pleasing to the eye but rely heavily on a product description and picture to sale themselves. However, an item which stirs the senses through the magic of words is more likely to increase the figures on your next bank statement. People do not want to think, they want you to do this for them, they want to know why they need this product or service, what is in it for them if they purchase and how it will benefit them. Remember, this is not just a newsletter, it is a product selling device wrapped around some clever words.

Another catchy way to fill out your newsletter is to create a feature page. Use this to emphasise examples of how your product or service has helped others. Case Studies always go down well and help people to see how problems can be avoided or overcome. Teach your readers how to avoid similar mishaps by convincing them that you are there to help and build that vital bond. This way you can establish a long term relationship with existing clients and convince a few more onlookers to become your loyal followers.

Your newsletter is a completely different sales tool to your website so make it a point not to repeat anything that surfers can already read on your 'About Us' page or anywhere else. Try to build up a community of followers and encourage your readers to respond to published articles or provide feedback on products or services that you have mentioned. You could even add a testimonials page. Your audience need to know that their views and opinions really do count so pander to their every whim.

A devoted client is more likely to mention you to others either through word of mouth or by clicking on a 'send this newsletter to a friend' button. At the same time, you do not want to appear pushy, so make sure that you provide a clear and easy to find unsubscribe link to comply with the latest spam regulations so as surfers do not feel forced into reading your material. Honour this link by removing unsubscribers immediately.

Stay etched on their minds
You owe it to your business to start creating a monthly newsletter; customers who purchase from you but do not receive any follow up newsletter are likely to go elsewhere because they forget who you are. In many cases, customers lose favourite websites so a monthly newsletter keeps your name floating in their subconscious.

Newsletters are a very quick and easy way to bring in those sales, so if you are not currently providing this service, it is vital for you to dust off your quill, put on your thinking cap and start those words flowing... throwing the idea of a newsletter out of the window is equivalent to throwing money out of the window.