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Stay motivated working from home during lockdown

Are you struggling to stay motivated working at home during the current lockdown?

Huge numbers of people are currently working from home every day due to the extreme changes caused by Coronavirus. From pets to children, Netflix or even a good book, there are so many distractions that get in the way as we try to get work done!

This blog will give you several tips to stay motivated, concentrated and productive while working at home:

Get up early

Unless you are a true night owl, the worst thing you can do is to get up late and start working late in the day. This is a sure-fire way for most people to feel demotivated. Be sure to get up at a similar time or earlier than when you start work in the office.

Depending on the age of your children, this might also provide a perfect window of opportunity for you to get work done early in the morning before the rest of your family have woken up. Sometimes a couple of hours can make all the difference!

Have a clear plan for the day

Write down a clear to-do list on paper, use Outlook to plan your day or manage your task list using an app such as Trello, OneNote or MS Planner.

Strong motivation starts with clarity about your priorities and effective time management.

Stay organised

It’s important to stay organised and reduce distractions. This can be challenging if you have children at home and other distractions such as the TV or other family members. This infographic has a number of useful tips to help you improve your organisational skills and productivity.

White Paper With Note

Take regular breaks

After blocks of 1-2 hours of quality work be sure to take breaks to keep your energy and motivation levels as high as possible.


It’s important to get some fresh air and some exercise. This could simply be a walk around the block or even better some more intense exercise such as a run, a bike ride or a home workout.

Have a quiet and tidy work space

If you don’t already have a clear, tidy and quiet work space you need to find this space in your home. You may not be lucky enough to have your own study at home or a desk in your bedroom. However, it’s critical to find a quiet area where you can get work done and be productive.

Man Using Laptop on Table Against White Background

Keep in touch with colleagues

It’s easy to feel lonely and isolated while working at home so it’s key to keep in regular contact with your colleagues. Clearly it’s important to talk about work, but also try to occasionally reach out to your team members who are particularly positive and have a good sense of humour just to keep your morale high.


To stay motivated while working at home there are many things within your control, so try to focus on these quick wins. It’s amazing what a big difference a small action can make, so where will you start today?

For more tips and tricks to stay motivated and productive in these challenging times, you may wish to attend STL’s Virtual Training Programs on Time Management, Organisational Skills training or Stress Management and Wellbeing in the Workplace. Our trainers love sharing their expert techniques and helping others build their skills!

By Jacob Ahmadzai

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