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How Relationship Building creates SALES in ABUNDANCE



Is exceptional service anticipation?

The waiter stands there looking at you hopefully. Pleasantly he suggests an entrée you had not considered. ‘Let me make your evening, this is one our finest dishes.’ You study his face. The ambience of the restaurant is a delight, and with a grateful nod you confirm his suggestion. It is agreed that you will consider the main order at your leisure. It is your first visit and there is no need to think too hard over an untried menu. You want to be spoilt with an abundance of service, to have a wonderful experience. The waiter returns with a complimentary glass of house red, anxious to have your opinion. It is anticipating the guests need for being special and the philosophy of sales in abundance.

What opening question can you use?

You meander through a shopping mall, you have things to do so your pace is brisk. Quite unexpectedly a happy sales rep bounces in your way and suggests a moment to refresh in the latest aftershave. The salespersons introduction launches into a question ‘Can you help me, I can’t figure out where I have experienced this scent before, its exquisite?’ Deliberately you engage in the essence, enjoying the enthusiasm and the idea that you could help figure this out? It is an extravagant scent.

Not quite what you expected is it?’ the sales rep confirms. Perspectives are exchanged, you agree it reminds you of something? Memories are siphoned-off, convinced there is something personal worth remembering. The resistance to purchase may not be considered? Something unique, just for me? The essence does remind me of? What opening questions can you use in your sales dialogue?

This is where soft skill training companies can come in handy with workshops on emotional intelligence, successful selling, and excellent customer service.

Is this sales or is it something else?

The car salesman suggests the car-of-the-week, it is the deal to have beyond all others. This is your lucky day. You agree it is a great price considering the make, model and year. For almost an hour you exchange likes and dislikes on cars in general. References to desired engine size and favourite models. You both relate back to the infamous critics of Top Gear. The salesman, Steve with two kids and happily married has a favourite past time of rebuilding MG’s. He points out how much he loves his job, especially meeting enthusiasts. The deal has to be made, he can’t let you leave without you having the bargain of the century. Steve suggests three years of free labour for all servicing. It clenches the deal. It had to be done, but why? Is this sale’s or something else? Sales Training London

A precursor to a great relationship?

How one person can make the other person feel seems to be the lead in the most successful of sales encounters. Consider the guest at the restaurant who the waiter realised just wanted to be spoilt. To have the experience as if the guest was a visiting VIP or diplomat. This isn’t a waiter who is new at the job, this is someone who understands the idea of ‘special’. Go ahead and impress me is all he is looking for.

Consider the perfume sales rep who engages with what does this remind you of, after a personal interlude of their own remarkable nostalgia. Something my famous uncle used to wear. Something to attract attention? Just for fun – the best Linux adverts are delightful reminders of how to suggestive sell from the clients what’s-in-it-for-them view. The case to build an identity between a scent and a customer, much more specific to the individual. The gift of a spontaneous interaction – and my goodness where on earth did the time go?


Or consider the passionate car salesperson who just loves cars, loves talking about them. He just wants to build relationships, he uses three years of servicing to do it. Every client we have is an opportunity to develop a foundation of loyalty and therefore trust. With the ideal that sales are in abundance with every customer is to build the future. It will after all be the best advertising, mission statement, operating standard and brand identity you will ever invest in.

Sales & Customer Service

Exceeding expectations – Service or Delivery?

Exceeding expectations – service or delivery?

Do you really mean it?

Great customer service isn’t a convenient statement for business to slap on a mission statement. It’s not a gimmick nor is it a side-line for those filling a job card out while doing a PhD. Great service is serious business and it starts with a philosophy dedicated to an attitude. It takes an application of intuition and empathy and researching expectations to fashion exceptional service.

To present your business, through to delivery of product, is the greatest opportunity to showcase and promote who you are. Service – to deliver what has been ordered. It is one of the most powerful blends of adverting, suggestive selling and relationship building a business can have. The best opportunity for the client to experience you. You have to mean it.

Corporate image vs social media

The effort companies go to promoting ‘loyalty’ cards and ‘no claim bonuses’ to their customers. With an endless supply of catch-phrase advertising at giant financial costs they build an illusion that each client is special. One who deserves the very best. Yet it only takes a phone call or a face-to-face interaction to realise that maybe the advertising dollars could have been better spent elsewhere.

Take the national insurance company who openly prides themselves on putting the customer first. Upon investigation the conditions are extraordinary. If a client does not meet these conditions, they are refused. The advertising budget has become a punchline, a cautionary tale in the social media reviews. Social media could have worked for them, for free.

Turn a client into a fan

Don’t you just love a business who knows you? Who understands that you have a want and need and that both are entirely separate. The ‘want’ may be car insurance, the ‘need’ is to be understood by a professional who can recommend the best policy. Who can point out the areas you should focus on. Who speaks like they know the industry, the pros and the cons. Can inform you of the finer detail in an engaging conversation, not just a tick box.

I called in and the account manager greeted me by my name. Asked if I got the paperwork through? He always sounds so happy to hear from me. Are there any questions you need answering? And look don’t sign it off just yet, you have a week’s grace, send it in at the end of the month – let me save you money. He notes I bought the car two months ago, a Honda. He asks – so are you enjoying the car? For me getting a new car is incredibly exciting, you must be thrilled sir, glad you phoned me – I love looking after new clients. He again acknowledges my name. I am now his greatest fan.

To Exceed Expectations or not?

I wanted my new car, my pride and joy, to be covered with a great policy. I needed someone to understand how I felt about getting a new car and guide me through suitable options. Not to fit in with their way-of-doing-things or answer a tick box. And guess what – I pay more per month than anyone else charges, purely because of the service I get. So how much is your client really worth? Do you exceed expectations, or do you just say you do? Consider that one could be making you a fortune – an investment the future. The other could be eroding your business. As for me I am heading onto social media, singing my new companies’ praises.