If you have recently purchased a MS Office suite you are sure to realise how universal the programmes are and how they can propel you beyond competitors who do not use MS products.

Even Microsoft's Office Basic 2007 can complete an array of complex functions that can give you the professional edge. Training courses are recommended for those wishing to get the best from MS Office and take advantage of the many advantages it can bring to your company.

All the suites offered by the Microsoft are designed so you can easily produce documents using an array of functions so your finished work looks as professional as possible. However, suites are created to offer more than text-creating programmes and several include software that can have huge impacts on the way your business is run.

Keeping in touch with your colleagues and customers is vital to maintain good working relations, in addition to ensuring that projects run as smoothly as possible. MS Office Outlook 2007 is a commonly-used programme available with several suites and is an invaluable tool for communicating within and beyond your company.

In addition to sending emails via your computer the 2007 version of the programme allows you to send information via mobile phone text message, which can strengthen contact between colleagues. Furthermore, the programme has many inbuilt features such as calendars that can be viewable by clients so they are aware when you are unavailable.

An integrated To-Do bar also features on the calendar, which can prompt you regarding important tasks that need completing. To get a greater picture of your company's present activity you may like to attend training courses that cover Outlook with Business Contact Manager. This software option provides more detail regarding campaigns that you are organising and how they are progressing financially.

For more advanced communication techniques between you and others you can install the MS Office Communicator 2007, which can help you maintain regular contact with clients and set up virtual meetings. Courses in this programme will uncover the sheer scope of this software that can break down geography and time zone barriers.

With this software you can choose from a range of virtual communication styles that are designed specifically for business use. For example you can relay information via instant messaging and video conferencing. This innovative programme can be a great aid when you are sending information to clients who may not have the same software installed as all they need to receive message sent via the software is an internet connection and browser, which can greatly enhance your correspondence with clients.

Even if you are not in your office but are instead on the move, you can use the advanced facilities offered by Office Communicator 2007 R2 as long as you have access to the internet. If you are currently unavailable the programme ensures that any emails sent your way are forwarded to members of your team so they can then deal with any queries from clients.

In addition to bringing people together to send virtual conference messages, you can also share documents on desktops thanks to the programme, so all people involved in calls can look at the same information. MS Office 2007 boasts an array of innovative features that can enhance communication between your company and clients, which can further the professionalism of your business.