Microsoft and Microsoft Office is so much a part of everyday life these days that many of us utilise the software and applications without a moment's thought. Need to send an important message? Just fire off an email in Outlook. Require a professionally laid out document or memo? Knock something up in Word. Want to get to the bottom of that sales data? A basic spreadsheet in Excel will do the job.

But there is one program in Microsoft's Office suite that users do find particularly challenging. Recent surveys have highlighted Microsoft Access as the most difficult program within the Office suite for users to casually employ. Whilst there is a lot more to Outlook, Word and Excel than just the uses outlined above Access is perceived as being more complex. This is due in large part to the relational nature of its databases which, while undoubtedly more multi-functional and comprehensive than anything you would find in Excel, can make users heads spin with all the possible permutations and options of viewing data.

Indeed, since there are numerous superficial similarities between Microsoft Access and Excel many daunted users opt for the latter program for an easy life when they could be making so much more of their data if they used Access.

The important thing is not to be embarrassed by your trepidation. It can often seem like everybody else has mastered a particular program when they either haven't or they have done so by seeking help. And there is certainly plenty of help out there.

A high quality training course on a particular Microsoft program can make all the difference both to your technical ability and to your confidence. To start with you are in a nurturing environment where everybody is there for the same reason and everybody will be feeling the same way.
Small class sizes will ensure that you receive the kind of one-on-one tuition necessary to absorb the information at your own pace and consistent practical activities will give you the chance to get to grips with Microsoft Access in a hands-on manner.

Like a lot of initially intimidating software once you understand the functionality of Microsoft Access and gain practical experience of its rules and methodology the rest will follow on easily enough. Microsoft Office products are designed to be accessible so that even the most superficially complicated of them follow a logical pattern which can be swiftly mastered.

After a good training course you will have a full understanding of the benefits that Microsoft Access has in the creation and maintenance of databases over Excel and be able to incorporate all the whistles and bells - macros, data entry forms, sub-reports - that may have scared you away from Access in the first place.

Of course you may still encounter difficulties when using Microsoft Access and the tricks that you learnt on your training course may fade from your memory over time. This is why the best training providers will provide with support for months after your course so that you can become fully proficient in the program.