As an entrepreneur or project manager in today's challenging business world it is more vital than ever to make sure that your message gets across to the consumers and clients that you are looking to target. Publicising your service or brand is crucial to success; you may have the greatest product around but it is useless if nobody knows about it. With the rapid development of design software there are now more opportunities than ever to produce high quality, professional publicity materials that will really catch the imagination of the public.

Adobe's InDesign CS5 is one such tool. InDesign's fully interactive software is at the cutting edge of modern digital publishing, acknowledging the rise of tablets as a crucial form of distributing publicity and advertising. Drastic changes have been made to the CS5 version of InDesign that greatly improve its usability and functionality whilst at the same time retaining the features that made the software so influential in the first place.

One of the key requirements when creating digital flyers, brochures or other publicity materials is the ability to manipulate images and objects to fit the overall aesthetic design of the document at hand. This was one of the areas that previous versions of InDesign fell down on but Adobe have made significant changes that radically simplify object placement.

There is Gridify, an invaluable new feature for CS5 which allows you to create grids of content using text and/or multiple images. The grid system utilised here allows more maximum adjustment and flexibility to suit your aesthetic requirements and provides an excellent means of judging and organizing your page layout.

In fact Adobe InDesign boasts numerous tools for maximizing the quality of your document's layout. In addition to Gridify there is Live Distribute, which deftly allows you distribute objects on the document in specific relation to the amount of white space present, and also Live Corner, an expert cropping and adjustment tool that allows you to fine tune the shape and size of your objects smoothly and easily. Live Corner also allows you make these adjustments to the whole document at once and then swiftly readjust should you prefer the original composition.

Adobe InDesign can also accommodate multiple page sizes much more readily than it used to. Now it is a simple matter of one click to create a document with a wide range of page sizes.

But how can Adobe InDesign make those objects work even harder? Well, captioning of images is now even easier than in previous versions. Live Caption not only lifts information from the image's metadata but is versatile enough to alter that information when the image is located in a different field. This effectively means that InDesign provides an automatic captioning service for your documents.

These are only some of the enhanced design features present in the CS5 version of Adobe InDesign. To properly get to grips with all aspects of this exciting new software it is recommended to enrol on a training course where you can learn all about how to create eye catching, attention grabbing publicity materials that really work.