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VBA DB connection strings - closing connections

I have a workbook with a OLEDB connection. A macro reloads the SQL and refreshes the query:

Selection.QueryTable.Sql = NewQuery 'string variable
Selection.QueryTable.Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False

The DB is MSAccess, when I look at the folder contain the DB.mdb I see DB.lbd. However when refreshed this query does not close the connection and the .ldb persists until the workbook is closed, when it closes the .lbd.

I do not create the connection via a macro, as the querytable is already in Excel, so I'm not sure how I should close the connection, to release the DB after refreshing. suggestions?

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RE: VBA DB connection strings - closing connections

Hi Lyndon

Thanks for your question

There are several ways to tackle this. The simplest would be to explicitly close the database. The following code opens and then closes an Access Database. You first need to reference the Microsoft Access object model

Dim objAccess As New Access.Application

objAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase ("C:\Users\Developer\Desktop\Northwind.mdb")


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