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Tabs please

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Wed 17 Sep 2008, 12:34 replyReply Trainer Laura said...

Tabs please

Is there any way to indent a line in a post?

It would make code answers lots easier to read.

Laura GB

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Fri 26 Sep 2008, 12:43 Edited on Fri 26 Sep 2008, 12:45 replyReply Trainer Laura said...

RE: Tabs please

okay just doing a quick test


  1. test
    1. another test

    more tests

Tue 9 Dec 2008, 11:41 replyReply Trainer Rich said...

RE: Tabs please

Hi Laura,

I've introduced a new UBB tag, PRE, which keeps the spaces in tact when displayed in the browser.

Unfortunately due to the nature of converting new lines to line breaks in the forum, it does mean PRE text is double-spaced. Will work on this a bit later.


This is one sentence
Indent 1
Indent 2
Indent a
Indent b
Indent 3

Start of tabs
End of tabs

End of test

Wed 10 Dec 2008, 18:57 Edited on Wed 10 Dec 2008, 18:58 replyReply Trainer Laura said...

RE: Tabs please

Hi Rich

Thank you for that. The double line spacing is preferable to no tabs.

Quick Test so I know I understand it

Sub Test()
Do Until VeryBored = True
Call TestCode
End Sub

Laura GB

Edit - Thats great!!! Just looked at the post


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