12 Tips for Creative Problem Solving 

When your job revolves around the ability to come up with solutions, then you need excellent creative problem-solving skills. The following post will show you twelve of the best tips to really hone in on your creativity:  

Open yourself up to new ideas 

You can’t solve problems through creative thinking if you’re unwilling to explore new ideas. So, the first step is to open yourself up to new lines of thought and different opinions. This is a surefire way to find new perspectives that provide the solutions to your problems.  

Immerse yourself with other creatives 

Following on from the above point, if you spend time with creative people, then their creativity rubs off on you. Their open-minded approach helps plant seeds in your mind, which dramatically enhance your problem-solving ability.  

Change your surroundings 

Improve your problem solving by changing your environment
Break out of the office to inspire your creativity

One of the secrets to productivity is having a work environment that makes you feel comfortable. You can take this sort of idea into creative problem solving by understanding that your surroundings make a difference. Sitting in the same office all day can limit your creative thinking. So, go outside or change your surroundings, it’ll make a surprising difference to how you think! 

Think about awful solutions 

Sometimes, you have to work backward and come up with solutions that are just downright awful. Then, you look at what makes them so bad, and can devise a creative solution that addresses all of these issues.  

Solve the complete opposite problem 

Likewise, if you take a problem and solve the opposite version of it, then it helps find more stumbling blocks for the initial issue. As a result, you have loads of new things to focus on and prevent from happening.  

Stimulate your brain with colours 

It’s proven that certain colours can improve your performance more than others. So, when you’re taking notes or brainstorming, use different coloured pens. Things like yellow and blue are very effective, and just the presence of colours helps get you out of your creative funk.  

Switch up your tools 

Often, a change in approach can help fire off new creative thoughts in your brain. If you always use a pen and paper to do all your notes or brainstorming, then switch to an iPad or computer instead. It gives you a new tool to use, which can trigger new thoughts. Especially when you jump from traditional to modern technology, and vice versa. There’s something about holding a pen when you’ve spent all day on a computer that really shocks your brain into life.  

Set timing restraints 

Setting a deadline can help you solve problems better
Set a timer to improve your efficiency when problem solving

It’s harder to solve problems that don’t have any time restrictions on them. As a result, you spend ages going over as many vague possibilities as you can. But, you can improve your efficiency by creating these restraints. Set a timer on your phone, and you’ll instantly feel the pressure of running out of time spurs you on to come up with better solutions.  

Build mind maps 

Draw a mind map on a piece of paper or on your mobile, and it helps to visualise your thought process. By doing this, you will quickly arrive at the solution to almost any problem. You can do this on your own just doodling however you like, or you can actually find apps or tools that help you draw more effective mind maps. 

Gain inspiration from elsewhere 

A lot of the time, it helps when you take a break from your work and seek inspiration elsewhere. Check out other people’s blogs, watch some videos, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly a thought can pop into your head. Then, get back to work and solve your problem. 

Always jot down your ideas 

No matter where you are, or how absurd your idea might be, make a note of it. Keep it in the notes app on your phone, write it in a booklet; whatever. Having all these ideas will prove helpful when problems arise. It may not seem like it now, but that random idea you had could solve an issue in the future.  

Attend a workshop 

Here at STL Training, we can help your creative problem solving with our Problem Solving Decision Making Course. You will learn all about how to solve problems using creative thinking, and you’ll carry these skills throughout your career.  Check out our creative problem solving training London courses!

It’s common for individuals to run into walls during the problem-solving process. You’ll likely hit a creative rut at some point, where you just can’t seem to think of anything. This is normal, and you can get out of that rut by following the tips laid out in this blog. Now, there won’t be any problem that you can’t think of a creative solution for.