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How to insert Excel data into a Powerpoint presentation

This is another thing I didn’t realise that Powerpoint could do.

Using my garden project presentation, I want to add a basic chart  from scratch that compares the costs of sourcing plants from a nursery, from donations or cuttings, or a combination of the two.

Luckily, Powerpoint led me through the process for adding basic information to make bar chart.

I clicked on the Insert tab and selected Chart, which is located in the Illustrations menu.

My Excel bar chart can be created using the Insert tab, and Chart option located in the Illustrations section.

When I selected the bar chart, Powerpoint opened up an extra screen with the key headings for my chart.  I then added the data I wanted.  The chart was updated as I worked.

You can work with Powerpoint and Excel side-by-side to add data to an Excel sheet. The bar chart in Powerpoint is automatically updated.
The Excel data is now in a bar chart in Powerpoint.

This is a really simple example of inserting Excel data into a Powerpoint presentation, using new data.  It’s a good start, and now I really want to build on that…time for more exploring….

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