'Tis the season to be jolly so take a break and have a go at this fun quiz that is based on articles on Microsoft Office applications I have written over the past months.

1) Jenny has created a very good Christmas poem in Word. She is so pleased with it that she wants to place a copyright sign next to her name at the bottom. She cannot remember the keyboard shortcut for this - can you help her?

2) Tom has sent Christmas e-cards to all of his friends via Outlook. To make sure that his friends' email addresses are not displayed he uses the Bcc field. What do the letters Bcc stand for?

3) Sarah has just applied the finishing touches to the Christmas newsletter she compiled in Publisher. Before sending it to the printer she must ensure that she has produced it using the correct colour space. For printed material should this be RGB or CMYK ?

4) Charlie wants his extension built before Christmas. He is scheduling the operation in Microsoft Project, and he has scheduled from the finish date of 20th December. Project has assigned the constraint to ALAP - what do these letters stand for?

5) Len's DVD rental store has just taken delivery of 22 Christmas films and he is about to log them onto the system in Excel. As these titles will only be available to rent over the Christmas period Len numbers them as a separate group, starting at Xmas 1. What function should Len use to save himself the trouble of typing all 22 numbers?

6) Penelope is both efficient and popular. She has over a hundred names and addresses of friends stored on an Excel database and the time has come to send them all Christmas cards. She sighs at the mammoth task of hand writing each name and address onto the envelopes, but just as she is about to start her boyfriend Eddie comes to the rescue. Eddie earns himself a hat full of brownie points when he says, "You don't need to write the names and addresses out, you should print them off using..." What?

7) Fred is writing a letter of complaint about the socks he was given for Christmas. The socks are tiny, but it states on the label that they are for size 6-11. Separating these numbers with a hyphen is not strictly correct. To make his letter word-perfect Tom should have separated the sizes with a) an en dash, b) an em dash, or c) a figure dash?

8) Billy is typing his Christmas list in Word, but his mouse is broken so he must use keyboard shortcuts. He wants to paste some text and he uses the logic that, if Ctrl + C = Copy, and Ctrl + A = Select All, then Ctrl + P should paste the text. He is wrong, of course, but what should he enter?

9) Sandra is delighted with her Christmas present - it is a Dvorak and it will make her computer stand out from all of the others in her office. What did she get?

10) And finally, we are all familiar with that animated ally/pest Clippit, but which two parts of his face are not part of the paper clip - a) eyes and mouth, b) eyes and nose, or c) eyes and eyebrows?

1) Alt + 0169
2) Blind Carbon Copy
4) As Late As Possible
5) Autofill
6) Mail Merge
7) a) an en dash (Alt + 0150)
8) Ctrl + V
9) She got a keyboard on which the keys are not laid out in QWERTY order, the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard
10) c) eyes and eyebrows