In the business world, the ability to communicate with clients and colleagues, wherever they are located, has been made much easier with access to the internet and those without access to a computer are fast becoming a minority. Computer software companies keep pace with these changes by releasing new versions of software which allow integration between various technologies to take place more easily.

Microsoft Excel, for example, has a feature which allows Excel data to be published on the Web. As a user of Excel, you may have mastered the necessary skills to create spreadsheets and workbooks containing large amounts of valuable business data. However, it is vital that you are able to distribute this data in an efficient and effective manner to all interested parties.

On an advanced level Excel course, you can learn how to save your Excel workbooks as a web page. There are several different ways of doing this.

Making an Interactive Workbook

An interactive Excel workbook can be published on the Web as an html file. Users are able to manipulate data, change formulae and view different sheets within the workbook. The types of changes that can be made depend on the type of data that is contained within the workbook. Additionally, changes can only be saved if the workbook is exported back to Excel and then republished on the Web.

Making a Non-interactive Workbook

A non-interactive workbook appears exactly as it would in Excel but users are unable to make any changes to the data. It is a very useful way of distributing key data to a wide audience with just a few taps on your keyboard. Excel has an AutoRepublish feature which means that your work is automatically updated on the web each time updates are made. It is important that you are fully aware of how this feature works so that confidential data is not inadvertently made available to the wrong parties.

Publishing portions of a spreadsheet on the Web

Worksheets, pivot table reports, ranges of cells, filtered lists and print areas can be saved on a Web page and can be manipulated by users if they are saved with spreadsheet functionality. This means that they will be able to enter, format, calculate and analyse data. Sorting and filtering operations can also be performed.

By attending advanced Excel ms training, it is possible to gain an insight into how Microsoft Excel can be displayed on the Web and how this can benefit your business.