Remember VisiCalc? For those who don't, VisiCalc was the first spreadsheet program for home computers. Released in 1979, it was based on the paper spreadsheets used by bookkeepers. For many years spreadsheet programs emphasized financial functions and lacked the more general functions available today. Microsoft Excel has evolved into the single most generally useful application available, serving in a range of roles outside the financial.

An Excel course in London will usually teach a broad range of skills, including database functions and web applications. This is fine for most people but can be a waste of time if your needs are purely financial. If this sounds like you, you may want to consider training centers that allow you to design your own customized courses/

Design your own course

When you design your own course, you'll benefit from customized training specifically focused on your company's needs. If you are in search of a purely financial Excel course in London, you can have a curriculum designed that will emphasize the financial functions. The beauty of this model is that your team learns the basics from an expert, but only learns the advanced features that your company needs.

With customized courses, you can even bring your own company's data and existing spreadsheets to be used as examples to personalize the experience for your employees.

Onsite or offsite training

There are training facilities in and around London that offer such a financial Excel course in London. These are fully equipped with all the hardware and software needed for the course.

You can also opt to bring these instructor-led courses in house or at a third-party venue. The advantage of training at your business or at a third-party location is that your employees won't need to travel to London for training. Course instructors can travel anywhere throughout the UK or most of Europe and even bring equipment to teach the course at virtually any location.

Great prices and great quality

Most business owners are surprised by how little it costs to receive such comprehensive personalized training. Some ways to save even more money are by booking ahead of time and asking about special deals for new customers.

Before you choose a training course, be sure to investigate the trainers. You'll want to look for training centers whose instructors are Microsoft certified instructors. This certification level means that the trainer has proven his or her competency in the coursework.

Whether you want a course that is general or focuses on special functions such as database or financial, Excel courses in London are a smart and cost effective investment in your employees.