If you were told that you needed to brush up on your business or software training, would you be offended? Do you perceive any gap in your training or skill set as a sign of weakness? Sometimes it's a harsh realisation that you do, in fact, need training help - and it's the bigger man or woman who will admit this and act on it. But how can you tell?

Here are a few tell-tale signs that it's time to get the business directory out and look up a training company to help you:

You are slower at completing tasks than your colleagues

If you are consistently under-performing at work despite trying your best, it may be due to lack of training. If you're guessing how to complete certain tasks rather than simply knowing how to do them by rote, again, it may be due to lack of training knowledge. Even if you don't think a gap in training is the reason, why not add some other new skills to your personal portfolio in order to expand your knowledge anyway? Knowledge is power in business, so the more the better.

You find yourself delegating a lot of tasks out to others

You may think that you are just being a good organiser, but at the root of a chronic delegator there may lie a deeper problem: someone who just doesn't know how to do the task themselves. This is pretty common at managerial level, especially for the 'small stuff' that managers avoid. For example, knowing how to work a printer or changing network settings for the company email. If you find yourself delegating the things you are avoiding, it's probably time to get some training.

You hold back in taking on more responsibility or jobs

If you're dissatisfied in your current position or role and you yearn for a better, more experienced or well-paid job, yet find yourself procrastinating about applying or asking, is it because you lack some of the skills required? Sometimes training will suffice instead of experience, especially if you meet other criteria. Be brave - find out what you need to know, and set about learning it.

You 'just know' that you are punching above your weight

Some of us are in denial about certain lack of skills in some areas. A common one involves a generational gap in those that were brought up and therefore trained in modern computing and software, and the older generation who are still of working age but never had to deal with IT until it was landed in their lap during their working life.

Some people are embarrassed at their lack of knowledge (and this is just one example), and either pretend that they don't need to know for their job, or sweep it under the carpet - all the while, they know that they lack certain skills that could really improve their working life.

If this is you - bite the bullet and get some training. There are so many courses out there for all walks of life, and you will find one to suit you.