When shopping for MS Excel training it is important to find a course that meets your company's unique needs. Training won't do you any good if the method and location of the delivery is ineffective for your employees. Today there are many options open to businesses.

At the trainer's location

Off-site classroom style training is the type of MS Excel training scenario most businesses consider. You send your employees to the trainer's business location where they have the facilities to provide the best experience possible.

The advantage to this traditional method is that the venue is optimised for training. There are no interruptions from other people wanting to use the training room. No one pokes their head in to pull people out of training for "urgent" problems that aren't that urgent. Delegates aren't tempted to duck out to check email or return a phone call.

The down side is that it is not always convenient or even possible for employees to get to these facilities. Often it is not easy for employees to simply reroute to another location.

At your location

MS Excel training can be provided at your business using your own facilities. Necessary equipment such as projectors or extra computers for the delegates can be provided.

The pros and cons are the reverse of the above. In-house training is more convenient but employees are more prone to being interrupted throughout the day. Not all businesses have facilities that can accommodate training. A conference room might not have enough power outlets for the delegate computers or the necessary air-conditioning to keep the room comfortable with the heat those computers will be putting out.

At a common venue

As a compromise, MS Excel training can be provided at an agreed upon third-party venue which is convenient for students but without the distractions of on-site training. This option will cost a little more for the rental of the location but might be the best choice for small companies that don't have the facilities for on-site training and are remote enough to make training at the trainer's location unfeasible.


Not surprisingly, it's easy to learn computer applications while on a computer! MS Excel training can be offered either on CD or over the internet. This allows delegates to learn at their own pace and at their own schedule. Not everyone can put their job on hold for several days, but most people can schedule part of their day for training. Faster students aren't bored by a slow moving class, nor are slower students overwhelmed when things move too quickly.

Not all employees find e-training effective. Some people work best in the structured environment of a training course. Others don't have the discipline to schedule training time, feeling the training isn't a priority.

Find the best MS Excel training for your situation

A good trainer will cater to your company's needs. Even if none of these situations seem like they will work for you, you might be surprised at some of the innovative ways MS Excel training can be delivered to your employees. Talk to a trainer and find the solution you need for your business.