New versions of Windows Phone 7 will include hardware acceleration for a mobile build of web browser Internet Explorer 9, access to documents stored on Microsoft's cloud-based Skydrive, and it will be compatible with the company's popular Xbox Kinect video games accessory. Twitter will also be integrated with WP7's 'People Hub', and the software's multitasking will be improved. So, with the popularity in Windows Phone 7 about to soar, it's an ideal time to be sure that you keep your smartphone in synch with the latest software and find out about Office Mobile.

Office Mobile is included with every Windows Phone 7 device. You can access Office Mobile in the application list or the start screen. You can use Office Mobile to keep your In box organised, view and update documents, take notes wherever you are, watch a live presentation, and even access information on SharePoint.

It's easy to access Office 2010 from a Windows Phone 7 device. Just access Office Mobile through the Start Screen or Application List. You can also open Office file attachments within your email or documents stored on your Windows phone directly, and you can access Office documents stored on a Microsoft SharePoint site. Now you can use Office Mobile to keep your In box organised. If you need to quickly read and delete email messages or view your upcoming appointments, then Outlook Mobile is ideal. You can select multiple messages and mark them for deletion, flag them for follow-up tasks, or file them to another folder.

And if you need to reduce your In box clutter, you're laughing. Messages are automatically organised by unread, urgent, or flagged emails so you can locate your vital messages faster. A flick is all it takes to jump between the views. Or you can view your schedule at a glance. See your forthcoming meetings and appointments across work and personal calendars in one single colour-coded view. Even getting directions to your next meeting right from your calendar is easier than sat-nav: in three simple taps you can jump from an address to a map of your destination and then to driving directions from your current location.

Reviewing Word files is also effortless with Outlook Mobile. You can create new comments or quickly navigate and read existing comments in a few simple taps. For larger documents, use the new Outline pane to quickly jump to the right place. Stretch or pinch to zoom in or out of your Office documents and hone in on the right details. And instead of scrolling through a long document, use Outline to jump right to where you need to go − a comment or heading in a Word document, a worksheet or chart in an Excel workbook, or a slide in a PowerPoint presentation.

If you use Excel, it's quick and easy to update and recalculate workbooks. Even viewing entire spreadsheets, including charts and formatting is effortless. Sort and filter lists or update your data and formulas and instantly see the results; or make quick action on email attachments. Open an Office document attached to an email and make changes or add comments. Then, send the file back right from your Office Mobile application.

But there's no need to panic if you don't yet have Windows Phone 7; if you have a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone, there are still ways to get Office Mobile. If you already have Office Mobile 6.5 on your phone, you can download a free upgrade to Office Mobile through Marketplace on your phone. To access Marketplace on your phone, tap the Start button on your phone and then tap the Marketplace app. From there, you'll get a list of all applications available for your Windows phone, including Office Mobile. If you have a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone that doesn't have Office Mobile, you can go to Marketplace from your phone and purchase Office Mobile directly.