PowerPoint Training

PowerPoint 2013: See What’s Coming with Presenter View

new feature for microsoft office 2013One of the most common questions in PowerPoint training is “how can I see something different on my screen to the audience?” The answer is complicated and involves multiple graphics card outputs. The Presenter View was added in 2010 but has really come into it’s own in PowerPoint 2013.

In Presenter View you can see the current slide as well as the next slide and your notes on your monitor whilst the audience only sees the current slide. This is one of my favourite additions to PowerPoint as you are certain what is coming next, avoiding that embarrassing flicking between slides as you work out where that topic is.

presenter view in powerpoint 2013

There’s a whole bunch of other tools underneath the main thumbnail, such as being able to zoom into slides to add emphasis, display a laser pointer to draw attention, and jump around the presentation without the delegates seeing what you’re doing.

How to: The Presenter View will be used by default. If you want to enable or disable it go to SLIDE SHOW > Use Presenter View.

Word Training

Word 2013: Open and Edit PDFs

new feature for microsoft office 2013A great way of preserving the look and feel of the original source document when sending to multiple devices, the PDF is a much loved office favourite. Compressing large file sizes into much reduced versions is one of the PDFs best features. However, up until recently, making changes to a PDF file in Word was all but impossible.

PDF Adobe

Thanks to Word 2013 you can open PDFs in Word format, edit them and then save them as another PDF or Word Document. That’s great for correcting small errors or updating data to make it more current.

How to: Open Word > Browse PDF file > Open PDF > Start Editing

Tip: The conversion works best with documents that are mostly text. The more images within the text can prompt formatting complications.

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