New for Office 2013

new for office 2013Working across PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets, Office 2013 has seen a number of additions, designed to improve the way that you work. From recommended charts in Excel to a New Read Mode in Word, this Office 2013 resource will guide you through getting the most out of your applications in this series of bite-sized posts.

Office 2013 & Office 365

office 2013 infographicWhat’s In & What’s Out In Office 2013

We recently published an infographic detailing the late, and great new features of Office 2013


365 Thumb

36.5 Office 365 Features That Will Boost Your Productivity

Formerly named Business Productivity Online Suite, Office 365 sees the introduction of a host of cool features that have the potential to increase your company’s productivity.

Office 2013 SharingOffice 2013: Easier File Sharing

With new save and share functionality across Microsoft Office 2013 applications you can now share work instantly via a number of channels, both on and offline.

Excel 2013

ExcelExcel 2013: Suggested Charts Through Quick Analysis

So many times people pick the wrong chart type for their data. There’s a time and a place for pies, and lines aren’t for everyone. Picking the right one takes a bit of thought.


InquireExcel 2013: Audit Your Spreadsheet with the Inquire Add-In

Helping you to analyse, audit and review workbooks, this great new feature also has the potential to highlight errors and security concerns.


Quick ThumbExcel 2013: Complete data entry quickly with Flash Fill

Save time and effort with Flash Fill for Excel 2013. Just one in a long line of nifty improvements to help you work more efficiently.


FlashThumbExcel 2013: Conditional Formatting through Quick Analysis

If you’ve got a lot of data, it’s not always easy to spot trends and to easily analyse your figures. Conditional Formatting can instantly show you patterns in your data by highlighting cells that meet certain conditions.


sparklines in excel 2013Excel 2013: Sparklines through Quick Analysis

Sometimes a chart is just too much. Sparklines give you an at-a-glance view of how the data is moving, and within a single cell.


Excel ChartsExcel 2013: 3 New Ways To Customise Your Charts

Whether you’ve decided to use a suggested chart to represent your data or already knew which one works best from the outset, a new toolbar in Excel 2013 allow you to customise your visualisation quicker.

Project 2013

burndown chart new project 2013Project 2013: track work with burndown charts

Keep track of how much work is remaining in a project with the new burndown chart template.


COMS Project 2013: Stay on budget with Cost Overview Reports 

Where is your spend going? Could your resources be better allocated? Cost Overview reports in MS Project are a great way of keeping track of your budget.

Visual ReportsMS Project 2013: View visual reports instantly in Excel or Visio

Visual reports are another fantastic way to share figures with stakeholders in way that’s digestible and easy to break down.

Outlook 2013

Social Connectors in Outlook 2013Outlook 2013: Stay informed with Social Connectors

Get the updates that you want from the people that you trust, right on time.


Folder PaneOutlook 2013: Using the Folder Pane and the Peek Feature 

This is great for those times when you just need a quick overview of what’s going on and not the whole kitchen sink.


PowerPoint 2013

powerpoint 2013 presenter view thumbnailPowerPoint 2013: See What’s Coming with Presenter View

Avoid nasty surprises – or looking like it’s the first time you’ve ever delivered that presentation! – with Presenter View in PowerPoint 2013. Massively enhanced from PowerPoint 2010 this is a killer feature.

Powerpoint-2013PowerPoint 2013: 3 Tips For a Better Presentation

These three tips twinned with our other bite-sized tips will help you on your way to becoming a PowerPoint 2013 pro.


Word 2013

adobe-pdf-logoWord 2013: Open and Edit PDFs

Until recently, making changes to a PDF file in Word was all but impossible…


Read ModeWord 2013: New Read Mode

Optimised for tablets and touch, your document will adjust according to screen size and orientation.


Excel VBA 2013

excel-2013-inquire Excel VBA 2013: Track Changes With the Inquire Add-In

Comparing and tracking changes in a spreadsheet is hard work. It’s utterly necessary but that doesn’t make it any easier.