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Set up options to check for errors in PowerPoint

You can easily set up options to suit your way of working and customise PowerPoint, so you get more out of it, and more out of your presentations.

You can get PowerPoint to keep a look out for errors for you.  It can be an extra set of eyes      to help improve the accuracy in your presentations.

From the backstage view, (File menu tab) select the options tab

Options in File tab Powerpoint 2007 courses
Click on the options tab….

The Options tab appears and select Proofing…

Options proofing PowerPoint courses 2007
The options available in the Options tab

From here you can set your own defaults, so if you often type in capitals, or repeat words as you type…you can adjust the settings to flag up these errors, or automatically correct them.

For example, using the autocorrect options you can select the tools you need. Then press ok.

autocorrect options Powerpoint 2007 courses
Set up the auto correct options to suit your needs…

Options and exploring the program is fundamental skill in our Powerpoint 2007 courses.

By Richard Bailey

I love what I do; I get to work with an outstanding team to help hundreds of people with their challenges. I’ve learnt a lot from the teams I’ve worked with, no matter the size or industry we all have challenges to overcome, difficult customers, creating a budget or keeping a project on track.