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How to add slides and add layouts (Powerpoint Training)

I have created a blank presentation, using the File menu, and then selected New, and Blank presentation
Create a new file using the File menu, select New, then Blank Document.

PowerPoint gives me one slide.  Now I know I’m going to need at least three slides for my presentation, so I want to add two more slides.

I use the ribbon, I’m already in the Home tab, so I select the New Slides icon, if I click on the picture of a new slide, one new slide is inserted.

The Insert Slide icon makes it really easy to add to your presentation.

I get a new blank slide.  I want to add another one, so I click on the icon again, and now I have three pages in my presentation.

Then next job is to add the layout to my new slides.
I select the the second slide, and use my right mouse click to bring up some options for formatting, I select Layout.
The Layout options appear for you to view and select the one to fit the content in your presentation.

This gives me a drop down menu of slide formats, I can slide my cursor over these to preview the format, and when I am happy I click the layout I want.

I can repeat this with the third slide, using the same method. I can change the format at any time using the ‘right click, Layout method’.

By Richard Bailey

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