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Office 2013: Easier File Sharing

It’s easy to see why Office 365 is now the most popular MS suite to date. With over 1 million subscribers during its 2013 launch, it’s packed with all the great features that we know and love about Office, with the added bonus of online storage, file sharing and collaboration.

With new save and share functionality across Microsoft Office 2013 applications you can now share work instantly via a number of channels, both on and offline. This makes collaboration a whole lot simpler and echoes the sentiments of Office 365.


Share page in Word 2013Save directly to the cloud, a blog, email and more, the changes may not be revolutionary, but they will save you considerable time and effort compared to dated methods.

Integration with SkyDrive, Lync and other applications is helping offices across the globe run smoother. With the ability to save an offline document into your shared SkyDrive account, the possibilities for Office productivity are endless.

Both Office 2013 & Office 365 are revolutionising the way that businesses work. Starting with sharing, we see this as the first steps to a 100% online productivity suite.

How to: File > Share

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Word 2013: New Read Mode

Previous versions of Word came with useful layout options optimised for printing and web viewing. Print layout and webpage layout were particularly useful in years gone by.

The recent addition to Word 2013 sees the introduction of a new Read Mode. Optimised for tablets and touch, your document will adjust according to screen size and orientation. Documents now scroll vertically instead of horizontally for a better user experience on tablet devices.

Read Mode in Word 2013

How to:

There are 3 ways to view your document in Read Mode.

  1. Click the book icon on the status bar of the Word 2013 window
  2. Select the View Tab > Read Mode
  3. Using shortcut keys > Alt + W + F

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