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Windows XP Infographic reveals bold vision for the future

We’ve already discussed what the cessation of support for Windows XP means for your business. Deciding whether to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8 has had the Google+ community divided, though one thing is for sure: Windows XP is going to be missed.

Windows XP X-Tinct

To celebrate the success of the operating system, Microsoft is throwing a retirement party in the form of this infographic.

Windows XP R

Windows 8 – It’s Part of the Plan

Though many have criticised this image as little more than an “8 reasons to upgrade to Windows 8” advert, it clearly depicts Microsoft’s vision for the future.

Like it or not, Windows 8 is the direction Microsoft are headed, and it’s here to stay. The latest OS is steering towards bridging the gap between touch and desktop., not to mention a gentle push towards online collaboration and cloud storage with Office 365 & web apps.

We’ve already noticed a trend in helping businesses make the transition from XP to Windows 7 (read our case studies), and it won’t be long until we see a surge in Windows 8 converts.

The main issue for businesses is that Windows 8 in it’s own words, is a “reimagined version of Windows”. Metro tiles and app stores give the OS a completely new feel and user experience which is sure to upset some, though training on the new OS is surprisingly affordable.

The Windows 8 Masterplan

With an ever-growing trend in mobile working and online collaboration, Microsoft is a successful tablet away from thwarting Apple’s recent dominance. And what better way to get users familiar with your latest tablet than to standardise the experience across all devices, even more so than Apple has done with the iPad, iPhone and Mac.


Powerful tablets that can be docked as static PC’s are how we see the office of the future and Dell seem to think so too with the XPS 18. See this “desk-tablet” over on the Windows website (yes, we coined that term).

It’s a bold move from Microsoft. But they have realised that in the computing world, “if you’re standing still, you’re going backwards”. Innovation and product development is what’s going to take the desktop and tablet war to the next level.

Who do you think will win out of the Windows XP retirement? Windows 8, Windows 7… or Mac OS X? Will the results vary in the long and short run?

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