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15 Tips to Improve Your Presentations Skills 

Presentations can be nerve wracking if you’re the one standing up on stage to speak. So to help you out, we’ve prepared a list of 15 different tips to help you improve your presentation skills. 

 1. Do something to calm your nerves before the presentation 

Whether it’s eating something light, doing a bit of exercise or going to the toilet, give yourself a few minutes to calm your nerves before your presentation. 

 2. Don’t try too hard and be someone you’re not 

If you’re usually a very perky person then going into a presentation with a serious attitude won’t fit. Use your personality to your advantage so you’re more comfortable on stage. 

 3. Rehearse the presentation before going up on stage

 Practice makes perfect so rehearse in front of a mirror or friends and colleagues. 

 4. Understand that the audience is rooting for you

Your audience is there because they want to learn something and to support you, not because they’re going to heckle and embarrass you. 

 5. Keep some water handy

Tips for presentations - keep water nearby
Keep water nearby

A dry mouth is an enemy to all public speakers. 

 6. Understand your audience before planning your presentation

 If your audience understands technical jargon then feel free to use it. Otherwise, stick to simple terms so that your audience and comprehend what you’re saying. 

 7. Make some images or videos to go along with the presentation

 No good presentation is complete without some images to go along with it. 

 8. Use a narrative to keep your audience hooked

 If you have the writing skills to do so, making your presentation follow a narrative (much like a story) can get your audience hooked. 

 9. Study what other public speakers do

Look at what other great public speakers do so that you can pick up on tips and tricks like their body language. 

TED's secret to great public speaking | Chris Anderson | TED

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 10. Keep your presentation short and to the point

No one likes a long presentation so keep it short and to the point so that it’s easier to digest. 

 11. Don’t avoid eye contact when giving your presentation

 Even if you have to constantly look at different people, make sure you have some eye contact with your audience. 

 12. Turn your nerves into excitement

 Nervousness can be turned into excitement and used to your advantage. Instead of hiding your nerves, try to utilise them as a source of enthusiasm instead. 

 13. Give your audience a chance to interact with you

 Whether it’s answering questions or asking them to participate in something, interaction is always a great way to keep them engaged during your performance. 

 14. Consider attending a public speaking class

 Classes and courses can help you learn more about public speaking if you’ll be doing it on a regular basis. 

 15. Dress the part and look professional

Dress for the occasion and look smart when giving your presentation so that people are more likely to listen to you with interest. 

Below, we’ve added an infographic that can assist you in picking up new presentation skills. 

A list of tips to improve presentations skills
How to Improve your Presentation Skills Infographic

By Jacob Ahmadzai

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