PowerPoint Training

Don’t struggle in silence. Ask for Help in Powerpoint.

After my recent Microsoft Powerpoint course, I felt inspired to explore what I’d learned at home.

Exploring with computers can be like going “off road” for me, and I need some extra back up to help me cope with the bumpy bits as I learn.  So when I try something and the result isn’t as I expected, I like the back up of help.

Powerpoint has help available whenever you are using it. To access help in Powerpoint there are a few options:

Help option is located in the File Menu…phew

In the File Menu, Help is located below Save and Send.  By selecting Help, you will be taken to Microsoft Office Help, where you can seach online for tips.

For quick access to help which you are working, you can click on the question mark in the top right of your screen.  This will take you to Microsoft Office Help, so you can type in what you need to know.

Help button – a little question mark even if I have big questions…

Microsoft Help is at hand, and I find it a reassuring hand when I’m working.  It can help fill gaps in my Powerpoint knowledge in conjunction with some instructor led training.


By Richard Bailey

I love what I do; I get to work with an outstanding team to help hundreds of people with their challenges. I’ve learnt a lot from the teams I’ve worked with, no matter the size or industry we all have challenges to overcome, difficult customers, creating a budget or keeping a project on track.