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Did you know you can embed a video clip into a Powerpoint slide?

I didn’t know this was possible, until I saw a presentation the other day with a video in it.  It added a really professional edge and made the message all the more powerful.  I could almost here the intake of breath from the audience…as they said “oooooo.”

If you have a video that gets your message across, it’s simple to embed  a video clip in a Powerpoint slide.

Imagine you have a video file ready to go…what do you do next?

Here is the Insert tab to access this function.

add-video-to-powerpoint-slide -advanced-powerpoint
The Insert tab on the Ribbon

Put your cursor on the Video icon and click on the down arrow to access the choices available.

Video options in the Insert tab.

Select Video from File, and this will launch your browser to find your video, then select the video and press Insert.

This is an advanced.powerpoint skill.  There are lots of other exciting functions to make your presentations stand out.  You can attend a one day course and practise with the help a qualified and experienced trainer.  For more details of course content and dates have a look at

By Richard Bailey

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