4 steps to leadership success

With so much at stake in corporate development, leadership is perhaps the single greatest key in finding the correct decision and then making it count. Here are four principles to help you develop a strong leadership presence and authority.

4 steps to leadership success
4 steps to leadership success

Finding all the information required can be a challenging process however the best guide is to maintain focus on the company objectives. Know what you want to achieve and don’t substitute an emotional direction over a logical one. Having a clear purpose of what you want and how you would see success, can filter the correct information and raise actions as the catalyst.

Training can be a unique solution to fill the obvious gaps however your vision as a leader-with-a-plan can be even more potent in building momentum, especially when shared.

Be prepared for objections, people don’t like change and the why it won’t work must be expected.

With a plan comes the task of organisation, though delegation will be one of your strongest tools, prioritisation and time management will be the laws that govern completion. Allow open and frank discussion to engage key figures in the plan.

With others, a clear objective and description of what success will look like will be paramount. Ensure 1-2-1 meetings are given to those who need buy-in. Give them value through responsibility. Getting opinions aired safely will help build trust and challenge problems with options.


This is where your personality and character can set the tone. Be prepared for negotiation and conflicts. The latter can be offset by ensuring clear guidance is offered along with support through regular meetings. Be prepared to continually update and refocus energy.

Align the skills required with the work needing to be done and review key personnel through their CV’s and performance appraisals. Make sure you know who the people are that work for you. How they like to work and manage their day.

How they see success in their role.

Ask yourself am I allowing people to grow in their work? Some will love challenge and diversity while others will find comfort and productivity in routine. As a leader you understand the motivators for each behaviour type and the attitude needed to see the work completed.

Every task becomes a sounding board to learn about the individuals and how they best work as a team, so don’t be afraid to try things. When you find a strategy that works use it.

Far too many times a leader will put a goal/reward in place that works then fail to keep it consistent and every time they do this their sincerity is questioned.

Identify performance and efficiency and celebrate what achieved the best results for all concerned. Be a leader of influence rather than a dictator. Far better to build an environment where each voice is given value and thereby allowed to own a difficult position. At the end of the day your strongest controls will be feedback and the data reviewed to identify trends in a concise and logical manner.