The Need for Stress Management at Work


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The Need for Stress Management at Work

The need for stress management at work

Stress has been labelled a "hidden killer" due to its ability to compromise a person's well-being seemingly by stealth. One of the major causes of stress is a person's working environment, which can be harmful to both the individual and the organisation they work for.

Tackling stress management in the workplace is becoming increasingly important, with more than one in ten employees saying that stress causes them to take sick days from work and 25% of people struggling to be as productive at work as they normally would if they are experiencing stress. However, almost half of UK workers say that their place of work does not yet have anything in place to help improve their mental wellbeing and reduce stress levels. With the right attitude on the part of leadership and training, work-related stress can be dealt with efficiently and quickly.

The statistics below shine a light on the issue of stress at work and the need for the implementation of stress management for all workers.

The Need for Stress Management at Work


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